Dispelling the Women’s Weight Training Myth — Fast Lift for Fast Gains

I’m sure we’ve all heard a million things about how to exercise properly… Sayings such as, “Slow lifts are safer and more effective,” or “Feel the burn,” and hearing the longer you’re in the gym the better.

Well, I’m here to show you not only a more time-efficient way to workout, burn fat, and turn fat into muscle but also a quicker way to reach your goals, so you’re not turning the weight room into a wait room.


“So whats the secret?” It’s not really a secret, however not many people workout inefficiently because of all of the misinformation we’ve heard about exercise, weight lifting, etc. However, that’s the old school way of doing things, so the big secret is to simply lift enough weight & lift fast!!

Before I get into the actual game plan, let me address a key concern most women have after reading “lift enough weight ” and that concern is “I don’t want to get to big and have man muscles.” If I had a quarter for every time I heard this from a woman over my 10 year career as a personal trainer, I would be a wealthy man! Let’s discuss that concern and why it shouldn’t be a concern for women:

Testosterone speeds up muscle growth unbelievably and women have about 10 times less testosterone than men, so unless you’re pumping yourself full of steroids like Alex Rodriguez, women accidentally getting too big is impossible

Also, muscle growth doesn’t happen overnight — it’s not like you lift heavy Tuesday and Wednesday morning you wake up looking like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). So for women concerned they are going to get too big and develop “man muscles,” don’t be — it’s basically impossible.

Let’s get into the science of “Lift Fast” to make this simple.

There are two types of muscle fibers everyone has large muscle fibers (strength fibers) and small muscle fibers (used for speed/quick movements.) In most peoples workouts only one type of fiber is recruited. When someone is running for their workout they are only recruiting small muscle fibers because it’s a speed/quick movement, on the other hand if someone is lifting heavy they are only recruiting large muscle fibers.

Now what can we do to recruit both muscle fibers? That’s right “lift enough weight and lift fast”. Why do we want to recruit both types of muscle fibers? Simple — the more muscles recruited the more calories burned and the quicker the muscles grow!

Lets get into what the actual workout looks like but first i need to cover a couple ground rules:

Rule 1 – Form is your top priority, without proper form no exercise in beneficial.

Rule 2 – Lift enough weight (nobody can lift heavy every workout unless you’re a power lifter and chances are you aren’t) but lift heavy day 1, medium day 2, light day 3.

Rule 3 – Heavy days are 4-6 rep max (a weight you can lift 4-6 times.)
Medium days are 10-12 rep max (a weight you can lift 10-12 times.)
Light days are 20-22 rep max (a weight you can lift 20-22 times.)

Rule 4– Lift as fast as possible. Yes fast!

Rule 5 – Once your speed slows down on a lift, stop and break.
Here is what the workout will look like:

Day 1 (heavy day — remember 4-6 rep max.)
– Standing cable mid row x 25 reps
– DB chest press x 25 reps
– Back Squat x 25 reps
– Ab wheel x 25 reps

* This is done as a circuit (meaning do 4-6 reps of exercise 1 then move on to exercise 2 with no rest, then exercise 3, then exercise 4 ) after one set of all four exercises, rest three minutes and repeat until you reach your goal of 25 reps on each

Like I said earlier, I know we have all heard many tips, advice etc. on how to workout but try it my way — I am sure you will see some nice gains, and at the very least you won’t turn the weight room into a wait room!