Fact or Fiction Vol. II

3. The best form of exercise for improving a person’s shape/figure is cardio.

This is also a very common misconception and piggy backs on my Fact or Fiction Vol. I post. True, cardio will burn calories but the real key here is how many calories you burn after exercise or EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption).  The problem with cardio is the minute you stop whatever cardio you are doing, your EPOC stops as well.

So the solution is a HIIT workout.  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  How can you do this?  Simple.  Grab some weights and get to work; take quick breaks while lifting weights that are challenging.  Let’s be honest, you have to move some weight that is challenging because if you aren’t, guess what you are doing? That’s right, cardio!

4. The more crunches/ab work I do, the better my abs will look.

Many clients I have worked with have said “I would like my midsection to be firmer.”  And of course you have heard people say “Do 100 crunches a day and you will have a 6 pack.”  Well, I hate to break it to everyone but you can do 1,000 crunches everyday and it will help make your abs stronger, but will not really firm or tone your midsection.

The solution: DIET, DIET, DIET… oh did I mention DIET? In order to see any sort of 6 pack or shapely abs your bodyfat percentage for men has to be a single digit and for women around 12%.  With that being said, how do you think you can get down in that range? That’s right DIET, DIET, DIET!  Let’s think about this, if you do 200 crunches per day but then go 1000 calories over your daily allowed intake, where do you think it ends up?  That’s right, most likely in your stomach and various other places of your body.

The solution for women, stay around 1500 calories per day and for men around 1500 -2000 calories per day (1500 is the bare minnimum for men).