New Year’s Gift — Sample Training for More Energy

The New Year is here… I know mothers everywhere are tired of being tired — Chasing little ones all over, making lunches, washing clothes, etc. it can be exhausting!

This is your year to make your health your #1 priority, with some resistance training mixed with some cardio work.

My New Year’s gift to you is below, it will help you boost your energy, feel better and get you on track for your best year to come. It’s a small sample of the resistance training workout by Forever¬† Young Fitness:

Warm Up

  • Cardio — 5-10 mins

Main Work Out

  • Dumbbell bent over row x25
  • Dumbbell shoulder press x25
  • Dumbbell squat x25
  • Ab wheel/ hand walkout x25
The great thing about these resistance training workouts is that they literally only take 15-25 minutes. Carve out the time for yourself and your health for the new year, and reap the benefits this is your year make your health your #1 priority!