Trust is a Must

Anyone reading this have training ADD? …Wait don’t click to another page just yet!  I bet some of you have it and don’t even know it. Heck, I know I do at times.

First, let me explain what I mean by programming ADD. There are thousands of programs and gadgets out there that guarantee weight loss, muscle gain, etc.  Products such as the shake weight to the abtronic to Nike fuelbands.  I am sure we are all guilty of trying something along the lines of these products or even trying one of those cool, new, exciting programs/workouts to guarantee similar results. Everything from P90X or Insanity to cardio kickboxing to Crossfit (which has the highest injury rate of any program).  I am sure we have all been caught up in the craze of these programs and or gadgets.

I am here to shed a little light on why you aren’t making the progress you wanted. Nowadays everyone is a so-called fitness expert. I find myself competing against popular fads and quick fixes.  Everyone has an opinion on what’s the best way to lose weight or proper form.  Trust me, I do this for a living and I happen to know a little something about.  People come into my gym and say “maybe we should work on this” or “why don’t we do that” or my personal favorite “I can’t do it.”  Again, trust me.  I know what you can do and what will work.

My advice is pick one or two people who you know and trust and who fully understand your goals and can get you there.  Stick with his/her advice; learn their style in and out.  Instead of bouncing around from all the newest gadgets and fitness crazes, stick with the person you trust and their program.  Trust me, no trainer or coach is perfect.  But when you hit a wall or a stand still in your goals, you need someone to help guide you.  That is where the one or two people you have chosen to trust come in.  Remember, TRUST IS A MUST in this long haul.  It’s always easier to have someone at your side!